Back To School Sleep Must Haves for College Students

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Back To School Sleep Must Haves for College Students

Back To School Sleep Must Haves for College Students - Simply Good Sleep

Come September and January, it’s back to school for college students. College life is tough. Between full course loads, difficult professors, and all of the other stressors that come with it, there’s not a lot of time to focus on your own well-being. But even though it’s easy to forget, there are a few things you can do to improve your general health and well-being. One of those things is getting sleep must haves for college to get quality sleep.


Without restful sleep, you won’t be productive nor be able to function as well on a daily basis, let alone study for that difficult midterm. But with so much to do and so little time, it can be difficult to ensure that you’re getting the sleep you need.  So, to help you with your endless struggle to find time for sleep, here are seven back to school sleep must haves for college students that will help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.


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1. Philips SmartSleep


Philips SmartSleep - Back To School Sleep Must Haves for College Students - Simply Good Sleep

Turn your bedroom into a personal sanctuary with sunrise and sunset that are right for you.


With Philips SmartSleep, you can wake up gently and naturally instead of being jolted awake by an alarm clock.


Backed by research, the sunrise-simulation light gradually increases in brightness and temperature.


Givn this feature, Philips SmartSleep gently and naturally wakes you up at the ideal time.


Philips SmartSleep boasts integrated compatibility with Android and iOS devices.


It provides you access to every necessary data gathered from AmbiTrack sensor technology – including light intensity, temperature, humidity, and sound – to create a personalized sunrise simulation.


Philips SmartSleep has an exclusive SleepMapper that analyzes the quality of your sleep, your habits, and your surroundings before making recommendations to help you sleep better.


Buy Philips SmartSleep




2. FitBit Charge 4


FitBit Charge 4 - Back To School Sleep Must-Haves for College Students -Simply Good Sleep


Exercise is critical for a healthy lifestyle.


It boosts your mood, energy levels, and sense of well-being. Also, it helps induce sleep, especially if you combine it with a healthy workout.


But how can you know that your exercise routine is working if you don’t have any metrics to judge it by?


The Fitbit Charge 4 is the perfect tool to keep you on the right track.


It is a wearable fitness tracker that is designed to provide you with all-day, hands-free monitoring of your activity levels.


Not only that, but the tracker helps you track your progress towards your fitness goals. It also provides you with personalized recommendations to help you reach them.


In addition to that, the tracker has advanced sleep monitoring capabilities that help you maintain a healthy rhythm while you sleep.


So, whether you are working out at the gym or at home, the FitBit Charge 4 is your perfect partner.


And with the latest model boasting an enhanced display, new FitBit app, and swim-proof design, there is no better time to upgrade to the FitBit Charge 4


Buy FitBit Charge 4 



3. MZOO Sleep Eye Mask



MZOO Sleep Eye Mask - Back To School Sleep Must Haves for College Students - Simply Good Sleep



Enriching your night’s comfort with rebound memory foam, this sleep mask is ideal for a restful sleep.


Its unique design features a built-in elastic headband that fits comfortably around your head.


It allows you to adjust it to the most comfortable fit while you sleep.


Plus, its breathable fabric lets you enjoy a cool night’s sleep, eliminating that hot, stuffy feeling that can make you toss and turn all night.


So whether you’re in the midst of studying for an exam or just trying to find some peace and quiet, this sleep mask is the perfect choice for a comfortable night’s sleep.


Buy MZOO Sleep Eye Mask





4. Douni Sleep Sound Machine


Douni Sleep Sound Machine - Back To School Sleep Must Haves for College Students - Simply Good Sleep



Boasting 24 sounds specifically programmed to ease you into sleep, Douni sleep sound machine will help you relax and fall asleep faster.


This sound machine was created by Douni, a company committed to providing you with innovative, stylish, and quality bedside accessories.


This sleep sound machine features wood grained finish with a superior speaker system.


Further backed with memory function and a sleep timer, you can easily program this sleep sound machine to your preferences.



Buy Douni Sleep Sound Machine





So, there you have it – the best back to school sleep must haves for college students to help you get a better night’s sleep.


A well-rested mind and body will make it easier for you to focus and study.


They will also help you get through the day with the highest level of focus and energy. So, get those eyes closed and slip that eye mask on.


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Let us know if this post helped you out and if you got other sleep product suggestions. We will consider adding them to our post. Let’s talk in the comments!


4 Responses

  1. Augustine says:

    Hi There! an excellent post and having a good sleep is the necessity of the hour! Due to excessive stress and lifestyle issues, nowadays people hardly get good sleep. It affects our health very badly but the problem is it shows up late and people don’t realize it. Your post was great with superb recommendations and I personally loved the Philips SmartSleep device. I am going to learn more about that and might actually consider buying one. Thank you again and I enjoyed your post.

    • True! Stress and sleep are closely linked. Stress can negatively impact your sleep.

      On the other hand, not getting adequate quality sleep can increase stress.

      Both stress and bad sleep can lead to lasting mental and physical health problems.

      Reduce and manage the stress in your life. Aim to get enough sleep. Do activities that help you unwind before bed – like listening to music, doing light-guided breathing exercises, optimizing bedroom sleep environment – that Philips SmartSleep can help faciliate.

      Please reach out to us with any questions you may have about sleep or about Philips SmartSleep. We’ll be happy to help you in any way we can.

      Thank you for stopping by to read our post and to leave a comment!

  2. Lynn says:

    Decorating my dorm room is the best part of settling in. Love the live succulents and the wall decor. I am going to decorate to my heart’s content for better grades and sleep!

    • Sleep is important for college-bound students like yourself.

      Adequate quality sleep is vital for overall your overall health and wellness. It is also essential for optimal daytime functioning and alertness, and academic performance!

      We’re glad you recognize the importance of sleep! We wish you the best during your time at college!

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