Japandi Style Bedroom for Better Sleep

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Japandi Style Bedroom for Better Sleep

Designing a Japandi Style Bedroom for Better Sleep - Simply Good Sleep

Life often proves to be the proverbial straw that breaks the camel’s back. With so many demands on our time, sometimes it’s difficult to find the time to simply wind down and relax.


A relaxed sleep is all we really need to wake up refreshed and ready to take on the world again. But with so many new stressors in our lives, it can be difficult to relax. That’s why we’re calling for a revolution in bedroom design.


A Japandi style bedroom can help you overcome the stresses of life and drift into a deep and peaceful sleep.


What Is Japandi?


Japandi, which seamlessly blends Japanese & Scandinavian, is a new modern, clean and minimalistic lifestyle trend that is quickly taking the design world by storm.


It may seem odd to some enthusiasts that Scandinavian design would be combined with Japanese design. But the two styles are quite similar in terms of holistic philosophies and themes. Both are minimalist and focus on stylish functionality and space efficiency.


Scandinavian design values natural materials like wood and natural lighting. Japanese design focuses on uncluttered spaces that utilize dark woods and elegant lacquer finishes, as well as feng shui principles like symmetry, balance, and flow.


When brought together, the two styles create a stunning, minimalistic look that is both relaxing and functional.


What Characterizes Japandi?



Japandi is a Scandinavian-inspired style combined with the layering, softness, and color schemes of Japanese design.Japandi style bedroom with futon bed next to white flowers in black vase - Simply Good Sleep


Boasting crisp lines and contemporary finishes, Japandi features a focus on minimalism and simplicity.


It features open walls, open furniture, and natural finishes and is a form of Japanese style that incorporates modern Scandinavian design into the aesthetic.


By allowing both styles to meld together, the Japandi style creates a unified aesthetic that is elegant and harmonious.


Why the Japandi Trend?


Modern, working, busy lives revolve around complex schedules and long hours at the office.


Japandi style is ideal for people who want to get rid of the stresses of the modern world and find a more calming way to live.


With its minimalist and versatile look, the Japandi style can be used in any bedroom to create a more peaceful environment that is sure to help the soul and induce sleep.


7 Tips to Creating a Japandi Style Bedroom


The bedroom is the heart of our lives. It’s the place where we escape from the stresses of our day. It’s also the place where we can be calm and reflective, and where we can indulge in some quality sleep.


Unfortunately, in today’s society, we live in an age of stress and workaholism where we hardly have any time to breathe, let alone care for our bedroom’s design.


But, if you’re looking for a way to relax and make your bedroom a sanctuary, here are seven tips on how to create a Japandi Style Bedroom.


1. Clean Visuals


poster frame, chair, elegant flower and accessories in Japandi style bedroom - Simply Good Sleep

Minimalism is what defines the Japandi design style. It also relies on a clean and minimalistic look to project the image of relaxation and calm.


When it comes to decorating your bedroom, keep in mind that every little detail counts.


Avoid overstuffing your room with too many distracting elements. This will be counterproductive in creating a calming atmosphere.


Instead, create a safe and relaxing bedroom through soft, muted colors and a relaxing atmosphere.


2. Textures


Subtle, soft, muted textures and colors are another staple of Japandi.


The combination of dark, natural tones with a high level of softness and smoothness creates an atmosphere of relaxation that is effortless and calming.


3. Create Contrast


Creating contrast in your room will help you establish the calm, elegant, and relaxing atmosphere you are looking for.


Use contrast as a way to break up cluttered rooms by using bright colors and bold patterns and styles in a coordinated way.


Contrasting patterns can help you create the illusion of higher ceilings and expand on your room’s visual appeal.


4. Design for Flow


Flow is another concept that is essential to creating a relaxing atmosphere.


The Japandi style is all about creating a flow from one area to another.


For example, open windows and different design elements, can help create the illusion of a soaring ceiling, open space, and a harmonious way of life.


5. Consider Using Organic and Natural Materials


Japanese design is all about natural materials and their warm look.


Many natural materials are soft, smooth, and work well for creating a calming atmosphere.


For example, browns, greens, ochers, and tans are often used to create the Japandi style.


Consider investing in wooden furniture and use natural fabrics, like linen, cotton, wool, and bamboo.


6. Add Japandi Style with Low Profile Furniture

stylish, functional, low profile minimalist furniture in Japandi style bedroom - Simply Good Sleep


When it’s about styling, furniture with low profiles and straight lines works better.


Clean lines and soft, curvy finishes can make a striking statement in a minimalist way.


Think sleek, elegant, and modern instead of sleek, imposing, and straight.


7. Flooring


Hardwood, stone, and other natural materials work well for a Japandi style look.


When you choose natural materials for the flooring, you will create a sense of nature and harmony in your room.


But remember that the flooring should still complement the rest of the room and not be overbearing.




Japandi style is taking over the world, and for a good reason.


The combination of simple, minimalist designs with the intricacies of Japanese design creates a harmonious and beautiful style that is calming and subtle.


Consider creating a Japandi style bedroom (and home) to enjoy a more relaxing and peaceful way of life and better sleep.


16 Responses

  1. Lana says:

    I am thinking of giving my bedroom a makeover. After reading your post, I might go for a Japandi style bedroom.

    • Glad to hear, Lana! Your bedroom should be a relaxing and inviting sleep sanctuary, and an ideal space to begin and end each day.

      This is what makes Japandi style so perfect for bedrooms – its clean, simple, visually aesthetic, uncluttered feel allows you to unwind, relax, and gently drift you off to a good night’s sleep, and to wake up refreshed and relaxed in the morning!

      Please feel free to get in touch with us at any point during your bedroom makeover. We will be happy to help you in any way we can!

  2. Ann says:

    In my book, the Japandi style is the natural evolution of Scandinavian. It maintains the sustainability, naturalness, and comfort of Nordic decoration but becomes even more cozy and zen with the influences of Japanese decoration. This form of decoration represents the perfect balance between comfort and calm and becomes the ultimate style for this season.

    • Yes, Japandi is a fusion or hybrid trend of Japanese and Scandinavian style, that revolves around minimalist, functional, but aesthestic shapes and designs. Less is more! and as you aptly said – calm and comfy, helping you live and sleep better!

  3. Somka says:

    It is a very good and high quality bedroom we think it is not available in our country somalia now but we hope in the coming years it will be available and we will get a new style of night and design bedroom modern Japanese and Scandinavian bedroom as you said though One of them I liked and liked to once sleep in a well-designed and well-appointed bedroom and I have seen a lot of shortcomings in our bedroom styles for the first time and again thank you for presenting this topic and for you encourage the subject to this type of very different world qeebaheeda one in Africa is one of the Asian American community in all of your shares thanks again

    • Japandi style is not just an interior design style for your bedroom (or your home). It is also a philosophy which revolves around minimalism or simple living, keeping things that spark joy and which are most important to you. Japandi style is versatile, personal and unique to person living it. It is a philosophy that quietly appreciates beauty in the functional, and a peaceful, calm, and relaxing approach to life.

      Thank you very much Somka for taking the time to read our article and for sharing your thoughts with us. Please feel free to read our other articles on how to get good sleep. We look forward to hearing from you again!

  4. angell70 says:

    Hi & ntmu. This is a very interesting and fascinating subject that drag me like a magnet through your site.

    I’ve looking and eagerly reading firstly, I have to say that I’ve always been attracted for better sleep bcs if you are not sleeping well how you will wake up in the morning happy and refresh for a new day?

    I never knew the word”japandi” the blend word from Japanese and Scandinavian WOW, super interesting, thank you for enlightening me. They focus on minimalism and simplicity as I always look into it for my bedroom. For instance now, we are sleeping on a matt that is not more than 35-45 cm high and is not comfortable at all. We are still looking hard at how to get a better mattress and bed, to be suitable for a night of better-relaxed sleep.

     in order to get rid of the stress, you have to have an orthopaedic, minimalist and simplest style at the same time.

    I love how you explain and clearly with a lot of readable content which anyone can read easily with very good description.

    Low profile furniture, I always love this and I do consider for my future house-as now we’re renting, to do a minimalistic, japandi style.

    Thank you for sharing this with me, with us. many blessings to you

    • Thank you very much for reading our article and sharing your thoughts with us.

      Japandi style is not just a design trend but also a philosophy you may carry out for your bedroom or any other room in your apartment or house. It is a philosophy of calming, relaxing, serene minimalism that emphasizes the importance of creating spaces curating minimal, meaningful, functional pieces instead of possessing an abundance of décor.

      We agree with you that a good mattress and bed is important to getting a good night’s sleep. A good mattress can improve your sleep. Consider checking out isense sleep mattress. iSense is an amazing adjustable mattress designed for couples. You can read the review here.

      We are commited to helping you sleep better. If you enjoyed reading our blog, check out our website to read other helpful posts focused on getting better sleep!

  5. LineCowley says:

    Oh this is very interesting to have a blend of Japanese and Scandinavian design, that then forms Japandi, a term that I have not heard before. I do like the concept of incorporating natural and eco friendly materials. It would be interesting to know what you think of the concept of using bamboo as flooring in a Japandi style room. A minimalistic design has always appealed to me and I do like the look of Japandi.

    • Japandi is characterized by a strong connection to nature. Bamboo is natural, renewable, and sustainable, and makes a great material to incorporate into your Japandi style bedroom (and home).

      Japandi style is versatile. Choosing Japandi style for your bedroom (and home) means being creative and opening up to different interpretations to create interesting, calm, and balanced unique spaces that stand out for their timeless, functional, and aesthetic charm.

  6. Jessie says:

    Thank you so much for the awesome post!  Actually, I have been using Japandi Style for a few months, since moving into my new home.  I love it.  It helps calm my headaches because things look clean, crisp, and not cluttered.  I hate clutter and this is the way to go if you want that look in my opinion.  This is the one style I have found that I think does a good job with that!

  7. Jessie says:

    I love trying out different interior design ideas from time to time to freshen up the look of my bedroom. A Japandi style bedroom is on my to-do list for spring!

    • Your bedroom is the place you go to relax and to reflect. A decluttered minimalist Japandi style bedroom can help bring about a calm, inviting, clean, livable, and nurturing space to relax and sleep.

      These easy Japandi style bedroom ideas can transform your bedroom into a real sleep retreat!

  8. William says:

    My bedroom is due for a design update. A Japandi style bedroom sounds interesting. I like the minimalist aspect of this trend.

    • Japandi is an interesting interior design trend which emphasizes the importance of creating aesthetically pleasing but functional rooms, defined by a meaningful curation of minimal essential elements.

      Try these decorating tips for a Japandi style bedroom and see how you can make them work in your own bedroom space.

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