ZQuiet: The Ultimate Anti-Snoring Device

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ZQuiet: The Ultimate Anti-Snoring Device

ZQuiet The Ultimate Anti-Snoring Device - Simply Good Sleep

Statistics suggest that over 90 million Americans snore. And a lion’s share of them, 37 million to be precise, snore on a regular basis. It’s a global phenomenon that we don’t have control over. It’s one of the most common bodily functions. Snoring isn’t an issue as long as you’re alone, but when you have a partner around who is in close proximity, snoring becomes an issue. No matter how much your partner loves you, it’s not wise to disrupt his/her sleep at night. So, what do you do? You invest in an anti-snoring solution, like ZQuiet. It’s a mandibular advancement device. We’ll get to what it means in a minute. But first, let’s address the issue of snoring itself.


Why Do People Snore?



ZQuiet Can Stop Snoring and Help You and Your Loved One Get a Good Night's Sleep - Simply Good Sleep

Snoring is an involuntary process. No one snores because they want to.


During sleep, the tongue and the muscles in your throat gets relaxed, which cause them to collapse in the airway, creating obstructions in the airways.  When you breathe, air can not flow freely through your nose and throat, causing the sagging tissues to vibrate, producing the familiar snoring sound.


There are medical conditions like obstructive sleep apnea that might cause the snoring as well; if you snore loudly and often, if your partner notices that you sometimes stop breathing altogether, and if you are overly sleepy during the day, see your doctor for medical help.


What is ZQuiet?


ZQuiet is a mandibular advancement device (MAD) that helps keep the jaw in place while you sleep. A mandibular advancement device is a simple device that advances our mandible. It’s one of the ancient yet effective techniques to eliminate or reduce snoring.


Designed by a dentist, ZQuiet is made up of soft thermoplastic, and does not contain any harmful chemicals like BPA and latex. It’s an FDA-approved anti-snoring device. It’s affordable and it works comfortably for many people. ZQuiet comes with storage containers to help keep them clean and hygienic.


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How to Use ZQuiet?


ZQuiet is fitted with a hinge that connects the upper and lower trays. No boiling or molding is required. Without the boil-and-bite mold, ZQuiet is easy to use comfortably compared to other anti-snoring mouthpieces. Use ZQuiet exactly as provided. After placing the ZQuiet in your mouth, the device will automatically adjust to the dimensions of your mouth and jaw. The device is thin, ensuring steady airflow for easier breathing.


Zquiet advances the jaw a few millimeters forward to prevent the tongue from obstructing the airway during sleep, to allow air to travel unhindered, and to prevent snoring from occurring.


ZQuiet comes as a pack of two individual devices Comfort 1 and Comfort 2 - Simply Good Sleep



ZQuiet comes as a pack of two individual devices. Each of them is slightly different in size. Comfort 1 device advances your jaw by 2 mm, while Comfort 2 device advances by 6 mm. Start with the Comfort 1 device.  If you still experience snoring, then use the Comfort 2 device which will widen the airway slightly more.



Check out both to see which one fits best for you. You may find one more comfortable than the other. Or, you can use them interchangeably if the comfort level of jaw advancement changes nightly.


Overall, ZQuiet is a great investment if you have trouble sleeping at night. ZQuiet is going to bring comfort and relief to you and your partner’s nightlife.



Frequently Asked Questions


Is ZQuiet comfortable?


Using ZQuiet may reduce snoring but there may be some soreness in your jaws for the first few days of using the product. The soreness will lessen and go away once your jaws get used to the device.



ZQuiet 'Living Hinge Technology' - Simply Good SleepZQuiet uses “Living Hinge Technology” – what is it?


ZQuiet’s has what is called “Living Hinge Technology”. It lets you breathe freely and naturally through your mouth and nose. It allows ZQuiet to be soft and flexible, so you can open and close your mouth, talk, and even sip water with it in.



What is the lifespan of ZQuiet?


It depends on the use and care of the device. The device can expect to last for many months of nightly use. The company recommends replacing the device every 6 months.


ZQuiet is designed by a dentist and is FDA-approved - Simply Good Sleep


Is ZQuiet safe?


ZQuiet is crafted from a thermoplastic elastomer. It contains no BPA or latex, and it’s cleared by FDA. ZQuiet is also made in the United States, and is Better Business Bureau (BBB) – accredited.


Who is ZQuiet for?


ZQuiet ensures that one can not completely close one’s mouth and block the airflow while asleep. This is great for people who breathe through their mouths. ZQuiet is also great for protecting teeth against damage for people who grind or clench their teeth at night (bruxism).


Who is ZQuiet not for?


If you have severe respiratory disease, central sleep apnea, orthodontics, full dentures, loose teeth, temporomandibular disorder, or are under the age of 18 years, consult your doctor and your dentist.


How much does ZQuiet cost?


ZQuiet set is priced at $69.95 which is reasonable for a MAD, especially if both devices are used interchangeably. ZQuiet comes with free shipping and a 60-night sleep trial, as well. Please check here for latest price: zquiet.com


What if I have other questions about ZQuiet?


ZQuiet has answers to many frequently asked questions. Check them here.


Pros and Cons of Zquiet




  • ZQuiet is FDA-cleared and is classified by the FDA as a class II medical device
  • Living Hinge Technology makes the mouthpiece flexible, so you can move your mouth to talk while wearing it
  • High quality, medical grade material is soft and flexible, and doesn’t contain latex or BPA
  • Airflow ports permits adequate airflow during sleep.
  • Stops snoring
  • ZQuiet comes as two mouthpieces, the second one extending the jaw slightly farther if the first one does not stop snoring
  • No boiling or molding is required
  • Can easily be cleaned with warm water and a toothbrush
  • Users can sleep in any position
  • Works great if you need to breathe through your mouth




  • May cause soreness of the jaws during the first few days of use when you are still trying to get used to wearing an oral device
  • Dry mouth
  • Drooling
  • Keeps mouth open
  • Not compatible with dentures or weak teeth



Take AwayStop Snoring and Get Better Sleep with ZQuiet - Simply Good Sleep


Snoring is one of the main culprits behind sleep disruption at night. If you’re not suffering from any medical conditions that are causing you to snore, you should definitely check ZQuiet out. If you are suffering from any medical condition, you might need to consult your doctor before getting a ZQuiet for yourself.


Sleeping well and having a restful night’s sleep is important. Getting enough restorative sleep is necessary for happy, healthy, and productive lives.


ZQuiet is an affordable and comfortable mouthpiece that can stop snoring and give users their first night of uninterrupted, peaceful sleep in a long time. With ZQuiet, say hello to quiet nights and better sleep!


ZQuiet…get yourself the ultimate weapon to eliminate snoring from your life!


Visit zquiet.com to buy or for more information.


8 Responses

  1. Mike says:

    My budget didn’t allow for a custom-made $400+ mouthguard so I started looking online for an affordable alternative for my snoring at night.. For the price and comfort, ZQuiet is the way to go. Really recommend.

    • Thanks for the awesome review, Mike! Yes, we agree – ZQuiet can be an effective and affordable option to prevent snoring! We’re happy to hear ZQuiet has worked well for you!

  2. Ryan says:

    I have been using ZQuiet for several years now. No snoring. I sleep 8 hours every night and I wake up feeling relaxed and refreshed.

  3. Claudia says:

    My husband has been using this for several months now. He no longer snores! He did experience jaw discomfort at first, but it disappeared after a few days. My sleep (and that of my husband) is much better.

    • Glad to hear that ZQuiet has worked out well for your husband with stopping his snoring and with you and your husband getting restful sleep. No more sleepless, snore-filled nights! Thumbs up for ZQuiet!

  4. Dan says:

    Very happy with ZQuiet! My wife tells me that every since I started using ZQuiet, I stopped snoring! Amazing product and great price.

    • Thank you so much for your review of ZQuiet, Dan. We really appreciate you taking the time out to share your experience with us — and we agree, ZQuiet is an amazing product! ZQuiet is the ultimate anti-snoring device!

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