10 Positive Bedtime Sleep Affirmations

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Ten Positive Bedroom Sleep Affirmations - Simply Good Sleep

Sleep is essential for your overall health and well-being, so you need to look at ways you can sleep better. The right bedtime routine is about getting into the perfect positive mindset. Here are 10 positive bedtime sleep affirmations that will help you sleep peacefully and invigorate your body and mind to help you face the day ahead!


 1.  Today I gave my all


Knowing you gave your best every day makes you more fulfilled, so you can sleep knowing you tried your best and gave your all. Being your best self is something you should strive toward, and sleeping well is a big part of this.


2.  I don’t have to be perfect


Too many of us get hung up on having to have done everything perfectly, but you shouldn’t. In fact, in many ways, the idea of perfection is one that needs to be redefined. Perfection can simply be found in being honest with yourself about knowing you tried your absolute best all the time.


3.  Let it be


Once the day has drawn to a close, it is done, and you need to let it be. Too many people dwell on things that have happened and worry about them. Find your inner calm, let the day go, and focus on getting the best rest you can to be the best you can be.


4.  I can sleep peacefully, knowing the day is done


Get into the headspace that you can’t change what has already been, and you’ll find yourself able to sleep better. Bookend the day, and draw a line under it, turning your focus to what is to come.


5.  I am thankful


We all have something to be thankful for, and, before you go to sleep, think about all the blessings in your life. Be thankful for your blessings, and understand that your struggles can also be a blessing, as they got you to where you are.


6.  I have reached inner tranquility


To get the best night’s sleep, you need to be calm and tranquil. This means having a routine to get in the right frame of mind for sleep, and a tai chi, yoga, or meditation routine before bed might help with this.


7.  I am excited for the morning


Every night you go to bed you should be excited for the morning, and the opportunities it will bring. By finding inner peace and being content with the life you live, you have a lot to be excited about.


8.  Tomorrow can be a great day – the power is in me!


Whatever tomorrow brings, you have the power to help shape it into the best possible day. Think about your mental approach to the day, and use the rest you gain from sleeping well to fuel your drive and productivity every fresh day.


9.  I will feed my strength with sleep


Sleep is integral to life in so many ways because it helps you gather your strength and revitalizes your body and mind. Sleeping is like recharging the batteries, so you need to ensure you are getting the right amount of rest as much as possible.


10.  Tomorrow is a fresh start


The great thing about tomorrow is that it’s always a new day filled with new opportunities and ideas. The fresh adventure tomorrow holds is something to think about at bedtime, as this will fill you with positive energy.


Final Words


Getting into the right mindset to have a wonderful night’s sleep and be your best self is so important! Using these positive bedtime sleep affirmations, you can invigorate your body and mind, and get the rest that will help you look forward to the new day ahead!


Always End the Day With a Positive Thought (Positive Bedtime Sleep Affirmations) - by Simply Good Sleep


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  1. Alexandra B says:

    These are such great recommendations for positive affirmations right before bed! I am a big believer that thoughts become things, so it’s important to think good thoughts before closing your eyes. I especially love the “I gave my all today” and “tomorrow is a fresh start” thoughts. Both very true!

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