Sleep Better During the Holidays

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Sleep Better During the Holidays

Tips to Get Better Sleep During the Holidays

The holidays around this time of year is a busy time of year.  Between cleaning the home, preparing meals, shopping for gifts, and attending family visits, homecomings, and parties, this time of year can leave you pressed for time. It’s important to get adequate, quality sleep during the holidays so that you can feel rested and happy to truly enjoy the season. Here are ten tips to help you sleep better during the holidays.


1.  Stick to your regular sleep routine


During the holidays, it is definitely not easy to keep regular sleep hours, when many social events demand your time and attention. Sure, there may be a late night or two, but try to keep your sleep schedule. During the holidays, continue to go to sleep and awake at the same time daily, as much as you can.  If you stick to the regular sleep routine you will feel rested and happy. Also, it will be much easier to get back to your regular routine after the holidays.


2.  Take naps


Over the holidays, a short afternoon nap could help you get through the day and help present your personal best self.  Try not to nap after 3 pm or longer than 30 minutes, as that can make it harder for you to fall asleep at night.


3.  Exercise


Get moving! Exercising is one of the sure-fire activities that will enhance your mood.  Engaging in regular exercise can improve the quality and quantity of your sleep. Exercise also helps maintain your weight. Try your best to get at least 30 minutes of exercise every day, like taking a quiet walk or jog outside. Be careful to not exercise in the late evening close to bedtime as it may prevent you from falling asleep easily.


4.  Don’t drink too much                                         


The holiday season is a time for parties and family parties during the holiday season - read Sleep Better During the Holidays - by Simply Good Sleepget-togethers.  Over the holidays, you need not abstain completely from enjoying a glass of wine. Drink in moderation.  If you must have a glass or two, drink no later than 2 hours before bedtime. Drinking alcohol may initially help you fall asleep, but it can prevent you from getting restful sleep during the night, causing you to wake up often and not being able to get back to sleep.  Avoid or minimize your alcohol intake to ensure you get restful sleep.


5.  Avoid caffeine


It might sound like a good idea to enjoy some coffee, but it’s not the best thing you can do. Caffeine, especially consumed too close to bedtime, may end up keeping you awake at night and preventing you from getting that all-important restorative sleep.


6.  Avoid heavy evening meals


Of course, enjoy all the delicious foods of the holiday season, but do try not to overeat.  Eating too much within two hours of bedtime will raise your blood sugar and your energy levels, making it harder to fall asleep and get that important restful sleep you need to handle the challenges the following day.

Stay away from snacking too much. If you are into snacking, eat healthy foods.  This is especially important if you are eating close to bedtime. There are great foods you can eat that can help you sleep better at night.  Eat a healthy snack like bananas, walnuts, and almonds. Drink a glass of milk. Milk has l-tryptophan, and this is great for putting you to sleep.


Taking A Walk Outside After Dinner During the Holidays - read Sleep Better During the Holidays - by Simply Good Sleep

7.  Take time to remove stress and unwind


Minimize stress.  It’s hard not to be stressed during the holidays, but you can make decisions during the day to relax, to unwind, and to combat stress. Activities, such as going outside for a quiet walk after dinner, reading a book, listening to music, or taking a bath, can relax you and prepare you to falling asleep and getting the sleep you need.  Learning some relaxation techniques like meditation and progressive muscle relaxation may help you get the sleep you need



8.  Stay healthy     


Winter weather during the holidays can increase your risk for sickness. Getting sick can affect your sleep patterns. Take precautions against becoming ill by washing your hands often with soap and water, and keeping your home clean.


9.  Prioritize your sleep schedule


Practise good sleep hygiene.  Despite your busy schedule around and during the holiday season, find a sleep schedule that works for you and get the proper amount of sleep each night.  Sticking to a routine sleep schedule during a busy – if not at times, chaotic – holiday season can help you wake up ready to take on the day.

Create a great sleep environment.  Set the temperature in your bedroom to between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit. This helps your body get into a more restful night sleep.

Minimize noise for good sleep. Remove ambient light and close the blinds, making your bedroom as dark as possible when you go to sleep. Make your bed as nice and comfortable for good sleep.


10.  Laugh with friends and family                                   

Family Laughter During the Holidays - read Sleep Better During the Holidays - by Simply Good Sleep


Laughing is one of the best ways to eliminate stress from your life. The holidays offer a great time to spend with your loved ones. Connect with friends and family, watch videos, share stories and laugh. It will imbue a sense of happiness in your life, and you will also be more relaxed. That translates into a much better sleep pattern.



Final Words


During this holiday season, making a few conscious choices can affect the way you feel, help you maintain your sleep as well as your health, and help ward off unwanted holiday weight gain.  If you’re looking to sleep better, these tips will make it easy to achieve that. Implement every idea naturally, avoid rushing and try to focus on staying happy and you can notice a significant improvement in your sleep patterns. Try to sleep better during the holidays.


May your holidays be filled with lots of love and laughter, lots of wonderful memories and moments, and lots of sleep!


Sleep Well, Live Well




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