What Color Noise is Best for Sleep?

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What Color Noise is Best for Sleep?

What color noise is best for sleep

More than 30% of adults are not getting enough sleep every night. You may also be dealing with this problem, and you’re trying to find some ways to deal with it. If you’re experiencing difficulties falling asleep and getting adequate sleep, using noise as a sleep aid is an option that you can try. It might seem odd, but noise can help you relax and battle any sleep struggles that you might have. In fact, there are several types of noise that can be good for relaxation and for sleep. If you suffer from tinnitis or the ringing in the ears, color noise can also reduce the perception of tinnitis, enabling you to sleep.


White noise, which you may have often heard about, is not the only color noise — pink, brown, blue, and black noise can also help you relax for a good night’s sleep.  In this article, we will delve into the various noise colors – white, pink, brown, blue, and black noise – and help you determine which color noise is best for sleep.

White noise

 White Noise for Sleep - What Color Noise is Best for Sleep - by Simply Good Sleep

 White noise contains equal, random frequencies that are acquired from the whole sound spectrum. This is the reason why it masks external sounds with ease, because it does include a vast sound range. White noise is great for sound cancellation and masking. It’s also very helpful if you want to improve your sleep patterns. Many sleep products use white noise, such as Marpac Dohm Classic White Noise Machine.


Pink noise


Pink Noise for Sleep - What Color Noise is Best for Sleep - by Simply Good Sleep

Pink noise is similar to white noise because it still focuses on the entire sound spectrum. The difference here is that it relies on lower frequencies. As a result, the sound is gentler and also a lot deeper. Many people compare pink noise to strong winds, falling rain, rustling leaves, and so on. It’s a more natural sound when compared to white noise, and you can use it for improved time in deep sleep and improved memory.



Brown noise


Brown Noise for Sleep - What Color Noise is Best for Sleep - by Simply Good Sleep

The name of this colored noise comes from Robert Brown, the person who discovered the Brownian motion generating this type of noise. It’s also known as red noise, and it uses a low frequency like pink noise. But this time, you have a noise pattern similar to a hum or buzz. It can also sound like a passing train, a deep hum or rushing water. Brown noise can improve the way you sleep. It is also helpful in enhancing reading comprehension and focus, and it’s good for meditation.


Blue noise


Blue Noise for Sleep - What Color Noise is Best for Sleep - by Simply Good Sleep

Blue noise is also known as azure noise. It has a power density that will increase 3 dB for each octave. It has a spectral density fully proportional to the frequency. It mostly produces a high pitched hiss, like the hiss coming from a kinked garden hose, and it doesn’t include any bass. It can be used for relaxation to help you to sleep, but also for eliminating distractions around you as you try to boost your productivity.


Being harsher-sounding than other color noises, blue noise is not included in many sleep sound machines. There is one device that enables you to mix and customize sounds – the Sound Oasis S-5000 Deluxe Sleep Sound Therapy System.


Black noise


Black Noise for Sleep - What Color Noise is Best for Sleep - by Simply Good Sleep


Black noise is defined as complete silence with some random noise over the 20 kHz frequency, which is known as the upper limit for human hearing. Some people, perhaps even yourself, may feel more calm and relaxed and able to sleep when there is no or little noise.



How to check out which color noise is best for sleep for you


Do a YouTube search to hear the various color noises. There will be some trial and error while you check out the different color noises to discover the color noise that is right for you for relaxation and sleep. Before buying a sound machine, ensure it plays the color noises or sounds you’re looking for.


Final Words


Every colored noise has its fair share of benefits. It’s important to understand how colored noise can affect your mood and help you improve your sleep.


What color noise is best for sleep for you? Brown and pink noise may be deeper and more balanced than white noise.  But it will be your personal preferences which will determine which color noise is best for sleep for you.


Choose a color noise device that is right for you to cut through unwanted noise – and together with good sleep hygiene – to get the sleep you need!


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  1. Cara Reid says:

    I had only heard of white noise before! That is what one of the apps I have call it, I didn’t know there were others. I usually put a fan on at night to sleep to. Pink nose seems like it would be good for me though since I get a sense of calm when I hear leaves rustling or wind.

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