Friluftsliv Decor Ideas for Your Bedroom

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Friluftsliv Decor Ideas for Your Bedroom

Friluftsliv decor ideas to create a Friluftsliv-themed bedroom for Simply Good Sleep

Friluftsliv is a sister concept of another popular Scandinavian concept called Hygge, which aims at uplifting the overall comfort and cozy experience at home. Friluftsliv is about embracing the beauty of nature and bringing the outdoors’ elements inside. Thanks to the creative ideas that have blossomed over the years in the interior design space, it is very much possible to knit natural elements in your bedroom – and your home – aesthetically. Friluftsliv-themed bedroom helps create a calm and soothing space. It impacts mental health and promotes sound sleep, which is one of the pillars of good health. Before we get into the Friluftsliv decor ideas for your bedroom, let us first understand what Friluftsliv is!


What is Friluftsliv?


Friluftsliv, meaning free-air-life, is one of the many fruitful Norwegian philosophies that aim to appreciate, embrace, and explore nature to lead a cozy, healthy, and fulfilling life.


The idea has gained massive momentum during the pandemic when people are learning and working from home. However, Friluftsliv’s lifestyle has been a part of Norwegian culture and way of life for ages.


While Friluftsliv’s idea is to be one with nature and more outdoor-centric, its concept can be practised indoors as well by carefully embedding natural elements into our home decor. Creating an illusion of outdoor inside the home is possible by making a few major and minor changes in your kitchen, living room, bedroom, and other areas.


Studies have proved that natural elements help relieve stress, promote mindfulness, and decrease mental fatigue. It is crucial to sleep restfully and soundly, which is one of the cornerstones of living a healthy life.


In this article, we will discuss some of the features of Friluftsliv and how to create a Friluftsliv themed bedroom.


What Characterizes Friluftsliv?


The fundamental principle of Friluftsliv is to experience nature and open-air, so just about anything that brings you close to nature can be characterized as Friluftsliv. You can add a bit of Friluftsliv character to your life by following few tips.


Seek Natural Beauty


Savor the natural beauty around you. In our busy lives, we miss the natural beauty that surrounds us. Take the time to enjoy different seasons, falls foliage, bright colors of the flowers, chirping of the birds, various creatures of Mother Earth, the sun, or just close your eyes and take a few breaths in the open.

Soak up nature (and sunlight), and it will love you back, always! It helps reduce stress, which can keep tons of diseases – such as seasonal affective disorder – at bay. Moreover, it promotes happiness, aids sleep, strengthens the immune system, and holistically promotes a healthier lifestyle.


Make Your Outdoor Area Cosy and Comfortable



If you have outdoor areas, such as your backyard patio, make it more comfortable by adding patio heaters, comforters, pillows, cushions, fire pits, etc., to make the area more relaxing. It will automatically attract you to spend more time outdoors. Don’t be surprised if you start sleeping outdoors more often, because that is what Friluftsliv does to you. The calming effect of nature is addictive and healing in ways more than one can imagine.


Friluftsliv Decor Ideas - Making Outdoor Area Cozy and Comfortable for Simply Good Sleep


Pack a Meal


Friluftsliv is all about nature and the outdoors, and one way to enjoy the outdoors is by enjoying healthy snacks or a sumptuous meal in the open air. Pack hot, healthy, and hearty meals to enhance your outdoor experience. Don’t worry if you can’t go on a hike or camping, as it can be done right on your lawn, garden, or backyard patio.

Take a nap in the open after the meal, and experience the freshness of hours of sleep in just a few minutes. Feel the difference, and you’ll fall in love with it!


Outdoor Activities


One way to integrate Friluftsliv living into your lifestyle is by engaging in outdoor games and activities. Encourage your friends and family to do the same. Starting from a stroll with your dog to jogging in the morning or playing outdoor games like badminton, lawn tennis, bocce, relay races, tai chi, or just about any other outdoor activity you love, characterizes Friluftsliv one way or the other.


Tips To Creating a Friluftsliv Bedroom 


Now that we have cleared any air of confusion around what Friluftsliv is and what it stands for, let’s discuss how we can bring its components in our bedroom. Here are few ideas to create a Friluftsliv bedroom for better health, sleep, and positive vibes:


Indoor Plants Galore


Nature exudes calmness and boosts your overall physical and mental well-being. Having indoor plants in your bedroom can help reduce stress and promote a peaceful environment, essential for a sound sleep after a long day. Add indoor plants to your bedroom and see the positive difference the greenery brings to your life.


Friluftsliv Decor Ideas for Your Bedroom- Indoor Plants and Natural Light for Simply Good Sleep


Make Space for Natural Light


One of the crucial tips to creating a Friluftsliv bedroom is to ensure enough openings for natural light to come in. Try enlarging windows or add a small deck to walk out to witness the beauty of the sunrise, sunset or to gaze at the stars at night.

The moonlight coming through the windows at night or sleeping while gazing at the stars is going to increase the length of your REM sleep, ensuring better health, more productivity, and increased energy. Try it!


Add Earthy and Rustic Color Palette To Your Bedroom


When creating a Friluftsliv themed bedroom, keep the color theme as earthy and rustic as possible. Incorporate colors like green, beige, brown, rust, greys, etc. These rustic hues complement the indoor plants you’ve kept around your bedroom, exuding a warm, cozy, and typical “Friluftsliv” outdoor feel you’re looking for. Such calming and soothing color palette improves the sleep cycle by reducing stress and keeping the vibes positive.


Creating Open Space 


Wide-open spaces in nature signify freedom. It may be difficult to find such a feeling in smaller apartments in urban areas. However, some tricks can help you declutter – such as by using the Kon Mari method – and transform your indoor bedroom areas to include Friluftsliv elements, by placing a large mirror in front of the window.


It would help reflect the light, uplift mood and sleep patterns. Natural sun and moonlight are proven to support psychological health and balance, and you will not only feel more positive but experience wholesome mindfulness, essential for a sound sleep.


Mood Lighting 


Consider upgrading the lamps in your bedroom. There’s a reason why lamps are associated with mood lighting. They boost the feel of positivity and ambiance of the space. Consider buying earthy ceramic lamps or couple the lamps with chic vases, which would mimic natural elements. Such ambient lighting not only helps with enhancing the decor quotient of the bedroom but helps aid sleep.


Earthy Scent


When it comes to Friluftsliv living, the scent is one of the important aspects that cannot be ignored. Use scented organic candles and diffusers to infuse fresh earthy scents in your bedroom, such as fig leaves, macadamia nut, geranium, lavender, holy basil, etc.


The scents are known to help uplift the feel of the overall space by boosting mood, aiding sleep, and subconsciously combating negativity. You can also try and rub sleep-aiding essential oils and perfumes to your bedsheet, pillows, and comforters to promote restful sleep.


Final Words


Using Fruitsliv decor ideas to transform your bedroom into a Friluftsliv-themed bedroom space isn’t difficult. It is about taking inspiration from nature and weaving those natural elements into your home. It is sure to provide a ‘soulful experience’ that will make a positive difference in your life, ensuring better physical and mental health, positive attitude, and help combat issues – like anxiety, depression, etc. – by promoting mindful sleep.


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