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Airport Sleep Pods - in Sleep-On-The-Go with Sleep Pods at Airports - by Simply Good Sleep

Sleep-On-The-Go with Sleep Pods at Airports

If you’ve had to spend a long time at an airport then you know how uncomfortable they can be. It’s almost impossible to have a nap out in the open in an airport. Even if you could somehow get to sleep on a bench, there’s still the risk that someone will steal your belongings or…
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Photo of Smart Bed Integrated with Smart Home Technology

What are Smart Mattresses & Smart Beds?

There’s a “smart” version of just about everything these days; smart locks, smart lightbulbs, smart speakers, smart watches, and now the future of sleep technology is here with smart mattresses (and smart beds). Connected technology has finally entered the bedroom with smart mattresses, which connect to other devices to track and monitor how you sleep…
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Photos of people snoring and keeping their partners awake - as posted on Snoring blog article by Simply Good Sleep

Snoring – what can you do about it?

Snoring is one of those problems that end up affecting our life and also the lives of people around us. This is noisy breathing during sleep and it’s rather common for people of all ages and for both genders. Around 90 million people snore in the US and similar high numbers can be found all…
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Images of Minimalist Bedrooms for Better Sleep

Declutter your bedroom for better sleep

Most of us have the tendency to accumulate a lot of items, placing them all over our home.  We may even end up cluttering the bedroom with stuff that might not exactly be suitable for such a location.  Even if we don’t realize it, how we arrange items in our bedroom can affect the way…
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Blue Light from an Electronic Device Can Affect Sleep Image - by Simply Good Sleep

Does blue light affect sleep?

Most of us spend time on our mobile tablets or phones before we go to sleep.  The problem with that is we end up dealing with lots of blue light exposure. But why is this blue light a concern?  Does blue light affect sleep?   In this article we will focus on why blue light is…
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Photo of Different Shift Workers

Tips to help shift workers get better sleep

If you work the night shifts or often rotate shifts, you may be at risk of shift work sleep disorder.  You need to pay close attention to your sleep.  Here, we provide night shift sleep tips to help you get better sleep.   What is Shift Work Sleep Disorder?   In order for the human…
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photo of person in bed with caption that reads 'sleep basics: answers to your most common questions about sleep'

Answers to Your Questions about Sleep

Most of us agree that a good night sleep makes us feel happier, more energetic, and better able to function.  We spend a third of our lives sleeping.  Like good diet and exercise, sleep is important to our overall physical, mental, and cognitive health and well-being.  Here, we answer some of your most common questions…
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airplane flight how to prevent jet lag- in How to Avoid Jet Lag | Blog | Infographic - by Simply Good Sleep

How to Avoid Jet Lag | Blog | Infographic

What is jet lag?    Jet lag is a transient sleep condition that can affect anyone who travels across multiple time zones.   Your body has its own 24 hour internal clock, or circadian rhythm, that signals your body when to stay awake and when to sleep.   Crossing time zones disrupts your body’s internal…
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A loving couple practising good sleep hygiene, asleep in bed in a cool dark bedroom

15 Tips to Getting a Good Night Sleep

Tired of tossing and turning in your bed, wondering what time it is, and wishing you could just fall asleep?  The things you do, or not do, during the day and before bedtime may prevent you from getting good, restorative, restful sleep. It is important to establish good sleep hygiene, or healthy habits that enable…
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