Best Sleep Masks: Block Light, Get Better Sleep!

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Best Sleep Masks: Block Light, Get Better Sleep!

Best Sleep Masks to Block Light and Get Better Sleep - Simply Good Sleep

Want more or better sleep? Consider a quality sleep mask!


While light is of utmost importance to humans, most of us cannot sleep with it and this is where sleep masks come in! The masks help the wearer feel that they’re in darkness, whether it is dark or not, because it takes darkness for the brain to produce melatonin, the chemical that naturally causes drowsiness.


What are sleep masks?


Sleep masks also sometimes called eye pillows are usually light-weight materials used to create a barrier over the eye that is worn during sleep. An elastic band/ strap (either fully adjustable or Velcro) is usually attached to the fabric to enable it wrap around the head and help it to stay in place during sleep.


Sleep Masks Block Light, Day or Night!


Sleep masks have more uses than aiding better sleep at night only as you can also use them during the day! Basically, sleeping masks are for anyone in search of better sleep especially during the day.  Issues of street lights making way into your bedroom, night shift workers trying to sleep during the day, or your partner being a night owl can all be easily solved using a sleeping mask.


Sleep masks are also quite helpful when traveling, especially when you are on a long flight or a train ride, moving across different time zones as they will help you doze off and get some needed rest.


Here is a list of 5 quality sleep masks to block light and help you get better sleep, that you can buy online.


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Sleep Masks to Consider buying – Top Picks 


Manta Sleep Mask 


Manta Sleep Mask is a soft, breathable, and durable 100% blackout sleep mask offering zero eye pressure with adjustable eye cups. This mask is designed to guarantee the deepest possible sleep in any environment. User reviews have claimed this sleep mask is so revolutionary it will transform you into a deep sleeper!



Jersey Slumber 100% Silk Sleep Mask 


Jersey Slumber 100% Silk Sleep Mask is made with 100% silk and ideal for sufferers of dry eyes, insomnia, and migraines. The natural and breathable fibres from hypoallergenic silk allows in healthy oxygen and keep the air dry for a better feeling of sleep. This mask is multifunctional. It can also be used as: (1) relaxation mask (2) mask for covering the eyes when applying ointments and lotions (3) an eye pillow.



Joseche Eye Mask with Wireless Bluetooth Headphones 


Need a plush breathable sleep mask that can block out light and noise pollution at the same time? or you can’t fall asleep without soft music playing in the background? then this Bluetooth eye mask is your best bet! Joseche Eye Mask with Wireless Bluetooth Headphones is made of velvet and elastic cotton for a soft and comfortable fit. It is perfect for travel, relaxation, meditation, and insomnia. Listen to your favorite music, podcasts or audio-books and find yourself falling asleep faster and better in no time!



Sleep Master Sleep Mask 


An Amazon’s choice sleep mask, Sleep Master Sleep Mask is a fully adjustable, breathable, and lightweight satin sleep mask. Featuring an interesting design – it is made – oh so soft, flexible, durable, and wide – to surround your head comfortably and connects easily in the back with Velcro strips. If you value comfort and quality, this is a sleep mask you should consider buying.



Alaska Bear Silk Sleep Mask 


Alaska Bear silk sleep mask is a stylish premium natural mulberry silk sleep mask. This incredibly soft, lightweight, comfortable sleeping mask will ensure deep silky-smooth sleep is your new reality. Got a loved one having troubles with sleeping? This is a unique gift to give anyone wanting deep, uninterrupted sleep.



Buying guidelines – list of things to look for when buying a sleep mask


Since everyone has unique sets of preferences when considering health and there are many sleep masks flooding the market- to ensure that you get the best value for your money here are some important things to look out for in your sleep mask to guarantee better sleep.




The most important quality of a good sleep mask is comfort, look for masks made with materials that offer comfort when worn. You will not get better sleep wearing an uncomfortable sleep mask.




While not all masks are created equal in terms of fitting the eye contour, the mask should perform a great job of shutting out all light sources to ensure better sleep.


Head straps


Because most sleep masks are made with a one-size-fits-all approach, fully adjustable head straps in a mask are a plus when choosing a mask as straps can be adjusted to comfortably suit user preference and fit head size.




Ensure the sleep mask is lightweight and that it will not apply pressure to your eyes when worn.




Sleep masks can be made with silk, cotton, foam, satin or mixed synthetic fabric. Be on the lookout for sleep masks made with materials that will not cause allergic reactions on your skin.




Some sleep masks also serve aromatherapy purposes. Lavender, mint and chamomile scented masks can induce a natural and calming sleep experience.




The price can be lower or much higher depending on the type of style, quality and material of the sleep masks. Take your time to research your options to determine the sleep mask best suited to you.


Final Words


Getting a great sleep shouldn’t be a luxury – Invest in a sleep mask as it aids even the lightest sleeper in the quest for better sleep. When used together with good sleep hygiene, it is also a relatively inexpensive investment that pays itself off several times over by guaranteeing you a better quality of sleep!


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  1. Rebecca says:

    I didn’t think I would ever be wearing a sleep mask. But, I recently felt the need for one and surprise, surprise, I actually enjoy it! Who knew you could sleep better with a sleep mask? Not me, that’s for sure. I went for a Jersey Slumber and it works great for me.

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