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iSense Sleep Mattress - The Best Choice for Couples with Different Preferences - Review by Simply Good Sleep

Are you having trouble finding the best mattress that suits both your needs as a couple?


Well, the iSense sleep mattress for couples is a solution you will love for as long as you have a bed partner. This mattress is built using the most revolutionary smart bed technology that redefines how individuals with different preferences spend their nights together. But, first:


The problem with sharing a bed for most couples


Studies show that most couples have different sleeping preferences and behaviors. Unfortunately, these differences often lead to conflicts and serious sleeping problems among couples. A major problem amongst partners is that one individual tends to love a firm mattress while the other prefers a softer mattress.


This is a serious concern as most mattresses are not built to take into account these differences. As a result, most couples have been forced to compromise on their preferences leading to sleeping problems. However, this must never be the case, as good sleep is essential for your overall health and wellness.


Stepping into the world of blissful sleep as bed partners


iSense sleep mattress for couples has taken innovative mattress engineering and design to the next level. Unlike traditional mattresses, this futuristic mattress allows couples to have good and uninterrupted sleep by providing:


Two adjustable comfort zones


Each iSense sleep mattress for couples is built to support dual comfort. The two sides of the mattress are independent zones, easily adjustable to suit each partner’s preferences. This is enhanced by the pressure-relieving comfort layers that ensure zero partner disturbances all night.


Individualized comfort at the touch of an app or remote control


iSense Sleep mattress offers a range of 40 support settings built upon the revolutionary Comfort Control™ Technology. These settings are controlled via remote control or mobile application, and each partner gets to have EXCLUSIVE control over their comfort zone.


Do you want a softer or firmer mattress for the night? All you have to do is adjust your side of the mattress without interfering with your partner.


The freedom to choose between Refresh – Energex Foam and Revive – Hybrid Premier mattress


iSense has two distinct mattress models for couples who want to have better nights. Refresh is a luxurious all-foam construction mattress while Revive is a combination of pocket coil springs and premium graphite cooling foam. All these models have the full range of Comfort Control™ Adjustment, and the only difference is that Revive is a little more bouncy.


The value in opting for iSense sleep mattress for couples


It is vital to attain quality sleep, regardless of whether you have a bed partner or not. For couples, the odds are raised as sleeping arrangements have an impact on marital satisfaction. Since you need to stop compromising and start having blissful nights, iSense sleep mattress for couples will bring back the comforts you deserve.


The best part is that investing in this mattress comes with the extra benefits of:


  • 180-night risk-free trial. Are you unsure of the quality of the mattress that will be delivered? iSense has you covered with a risk-free in-home trial (100% customer protection) and will accept back the mattress after 180 nights. You get a full refund. No questions asked!


  • 10-year limited warranty*


  • Free standard deliveries*


*Subject to the terms and conditions by iSense.




If you are after comfort, and convenience, the iSense mattress is for you. With its cutting-edge smart bed technology and astonishing features, you are assured of a peaceful night rest for you and your loved one.


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8 Responses

  1. Floyd says:

    We purchased the split king, two twin XL, mattresses. Both are independently adjustable for firmness. Purchasing, delivery, and setup was easy. We purchased the adjustable bases separately on amazon, as it was a lot cheaper this way. Initially I thought we had purchased a flex top king and was a little surprised when the mattresses arrived in separate boxes. I contacted support, which is very responsive, and noted my concern of two separate mattresses. . After reviewing our order, I did purchase the split king and not the flex top king. They suggested we try it out as there is a 180 day return policy. We slept on the mattresses for 45 days, the minimum required trial period and noticed a significant improvement with our sleep. Our sleep went from a score of around 65 to up to 90 on some nights, usually high 80s others. It is definitely the best sleep I have had on any mattress.

    • We are happy that you are experiencing your best sleep on the iSense sleep mattress! Thank you for sharing your experience about the iSense sleep mattress, delivery, and customer support. Your first-hand review will definitely help readers make an informed decision about purchasing iSense sleep mattress that can help them achieve a great night’s sleep!

  2. Steve Walker says:

    After looking, hard, at Sleep Number, Selectabed, Personal Comfort and Others, we stumbled across the iSense Revive. We looked at it and I especially liked the design and build quality, so much we ordered a split-king along with the adjustable frame last night with their 4th of July 20% sale. If I can remember, I will follow up with our experience.

    • Great! We hope you are happy with your purchase. We look forward to your follow up with your experience! Thank you for reading our review post on ‘iSense Sleep Mattress for Couples’!

  3. Howard says:

    isense sleep mattress allows me to adjust my half of the bed to my comfort setting and allows my wife, with her own mattress firmness preference and sleeping position, to customize the settings for her side of the bed. isense is the best mattress we have ever slept on!

    • Thank you for your first-hand positive review of iSense sleep mattress! Hopefully, it will help other readers make a decision about purchasing iSense sleep mattress – a great mattress choice for couples! No need to compromise on comfort for good sleep at night!

  4. Rio says:

    Thanks for the review! My wife and I are looking for a good mattress, and we think we have found it!

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